We have started working in education, focusing on supporting children in our community by providing quality and innovative learning opportunities and social support


We are starting a program to sponsor vulnerable children and young people to provide them with free education and a future with opportunities. Vulnerable children cannot afford uniforms, books, meals or even transportation, hence they are forced to end their education

Be a Sponsor

Daycare – Preschools

We have a school in Arusha called “Better Tomorrow” and work closely with another called “Joyland” where we help children from diverse backgrounds and help families, women, to have the opportunity to work outside home while the kids are in our school.

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Vocational Education

Our long-term goal is to reduce the number of street children and poverty not only in our community but step by step and with your help throughout our region. Creating vocational training for unschooled children taught by a professional in different fields such as basic computer, construction, farming, painting, carpentry, mechanics, music, cooking, tailoring, other language classes, etc.

Poor Areas

We are helping schools in deprived areas to provide children with better, safer, and more accessible from early years to high school education.